Streets of Interest You Must Visit in New Orleans

While visiting New Orleans there are some streets you should not miss. Here they are:


St. Charles Avenue
A major thoroughfare in New Orleans and the place for the St. Charles Streetcar Line. An antique streetcar can take you on a ride through the historical past or you can go walking by the hundreds of storybook mansions that decorate the tree-lined boulevard.

Magazine Street
Magazine Street absolutely is a dreamland for second-hand bargain seekers, coffee shop fanatics and those people who appreciate casual dining, and the stroll will take you all the way from the Garden District to Uptown New Orleans.

Royal Street
Just one block away from the madness of Bourbon Street is the French Quarter’s more sophisticated and elegant center of local artistic culture. Royal Street is an pleasant blend of exquisite antique shops and boutiques, wonderful jewelry stores, amazing art galleries, great architecture and world-class hotels and restaurants.

Frenchmen Street
This street is the legendary heart of music, culture and nightlife in New Orleans. Frenchmen Street provides residents and tourists with the best live music and street art. Frenchmen Street is a must-see, and known as the locals variety of Bourbon Street. Frenchmen is a favored entertainment area found within walking distance of the French Quarter.

Esplanade Avenue
One of the best known historic streets in New Orleans, and it runs from the French Quarter to the statue of General Beauregard in Beauregard Circle at the the front of New Orleans’ City Park. Esplanade Avenue is a historic thoroughfare lined with beautiful oak trees, classy townhouses and Creole mansions.

Oak Street
This street is the so-called Main Street of the city’s Carrollton neighborhood of Uptown New Orleans, and Oak Street boasts the relaxed atmosphere of early 20th century small town America. Oak Street is really a very warm, friendly, gentle yet exciting location in New Orleans where you can find plenty of musical talent and great restaurants and bars.

Canal Street
The heart and nerve center of downtown New Orleans, and the street was named for a canal that was never built. Canal Street is the typical starting point for any tour of the Big Easy. From here you can start off in any direction and you will almost certainly uncover something of scenic or historic interest.

Julia Street
Locally known as Gallery Row, and Julia Street is a mecca for first-class art enthusiasts with countless world-class art galleries. Contemporary art is very much full of life on Julia Street, with a variety of galleries and here you can find important art happenings like Art for Art’s Sake.

Bourbon Street
This world-famous street is the New Orleans spot for fun and excitement, and is a Must-See on a New Orleans visit. In Bourbon Street, in the famous French Quarter (aka the Vieux Carré) the party literally never stops. On Bourbon Street you will never be bored, there is so much to do, regardless of your taste in music, entertainment or food.

This street experienced a major improvement in the 1980’s when some of the street was added to the perimeter of the New Orleans World’s Fair. This event was the catalyst for a resurrection of the city’s Warehouse District and now offers several popular exposition locations. Casual outdoor dining and exciting live entertainment is what you’ll find on Fulton Street.

Maple Street
Located just a few steps from the St. Charles Avenue streetcar and close to New Orleans’ two major universities (Loyola and Tulane). Maple Street is a favorite hangout for the college crowd including many of their professors, and also for an increasing number of creative people from the neighborhood.


Travel Plans and Dealing With The List

lepavillon1I have more than two handfuls of things to do but I can’t seem to get on with them. I know what I have to do but procrastination seems far better at the moment. Even blogging is a struggle and it always seems to happen as soon as school kicks in again. I’ve been there a whole week, and the lazy part of me has woken up… or maybe it’s just fallen into an even deeper slumber depending on how you look at it I don’t know why! As soon as I get too busy I feel the urge to sit down and chill out for a bit when that’s the complete opposite of what I should be doing. So, in no particular order, here is what needs to be done… sharpish.

  1. I think I am doing pretty well yet I would like to hear somebody else saying that
  2. Plan my next trip … *faints at prospect*
  3. Sign up for a webinar about new techniques for online GED lessons. It’s my new job ( perfect when you like traveling as much as I do). But I try to catch a new mentor from this website but so far no luck.
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Discovering The Best Of Bali’s Food And Drink

While on your Bali Holiday trip, make sure to indulge in some delicious food and drink merrily.  Enjoy this great article.

Bali is a great place to go for pretty much any type of traveler, with various activities to make anyone happy. But among the things that are great about Bali is the wide variety of food and drinks available. Simply gastronomical!

Traditional Bali Cuisine- Some Must-Tries

When I was in Bali, obviously I made it a point to try the foods that are native to Bali and that the locals enjoy on a daily basis. One of these wonderful foods is Bebek Bututu. This dish is a specialty dish where a duck is baked in banana leaves with many different kinds of herbs and spices to form a dish that is just excitement on the tongue. It was really delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed this particular dish.

The other specialty dish in Bali is the Babi Guling (which translated literally means rolled pork). The dish comprises of pieces of pork grilled to perfection after being showered with a tongue-stimulating concoction of spices (yes, spices again, but this is Asia, what do you expect!). Babi Guling has often been raved about by celebrity chefs and travelers and for a good reason too. I could not get enough of this dish! No wonder it’s a favorite of most locals here.

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The Dark Passenger’s Latest Trick – It Involves Clown Dolls

Man, this guy is killing me right now. Just when I think the Dark Passenger has stepped out for a smoke and a six pack of Coors, I turn around and he has completed destroyed some of my favorite things. He’s put cigarette holes in my grandma’s quilt and shot my dog in the ear. And after I blink a couple of times I find myself holding the gun.

Here’s his latest trick, his deadly mantra.

I’m Right.

Now I’m not talking pub trivia. I’m talking when I feel that I can lay claim to my rights or what is my possession. Doesn’t matter if it’s an argument or an agreement; it doesn’t matter if I’m talking theology or finances. It doesn’t matter what the circumstance, discussion, or conversation is worth. My Dark Passenger will put the brakes on any kind of open mindedness if my rights, possessions, intelligence, or success is on the line or threatened. You’re in my way? Doesn’t matter. You’re not working on my time-table? I’m charging forward.

And hidden in that sweet phrase, “I’m Right” is this phrase, “And you owe me, (expletive).” Since (oh, not if) I’m right, then you owe me respect, gratitude, or the honor of your humble apology. Because I’m so (bleeping) self-centered that I need to know that I’m right. I tuck myself into bed with a blanket of I’m Rights and if I don’t have them, I’m freezing out here.

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Blogging, Travelling and Working Update

I have been busy recently and didn’t have much time for traveling or blogging. I’m a full time student who supports herself working a part time. My recent gig is writing tests. Writing tests is relatively easy but answering questions people post as feedback is a hard work, I recently asked to remove comments on the tests because people are asking totally simple questions.

I like this gig a lot but it takes so much time to answer the question when you think your job is all done. So I’m thinking about earning money with a blog. Will it work? Let’s start from the beginning.  What does Blogging mean? Most of people would say that is you have a website, you write whatever you want (legally, please), usually about your daily personal stuff and then publish them on the website. Now the website is called your blog and you are blogging and called a blogger. Some kinds of online diaries? Well, that’s true and also a reason why they usually don’t make money with their blogs. (I used to see blogs that way too!)


So if you combine blog, travel  and make money, you will have: you have a blog, you write what you like and useful to people, then you publish them. That is making money by blogging. (We can talk a lot about this topic)

But you might ask: why I should choose blogging? Is Blog really a good start for an online career?

Let’s see some pros and cons:


1.Freely express your ideas: what can be better than talking about things you like and earn money from that.

2.Get more friends: absolutely. If people don’t like you and your blog…. Ok, you still have your family and friends to read your posts.

3.Easily to get readers: as blogs are two-way communication, it’s easier for people to read your posts, comments and then come back to your blog to see the replied comments. After all, behind a blog are real people, not like you use a website and never talk to the owner.

4.Easy to correct mistakes: I really love this one. Your readers could forgive you if by chance you made some mistakes and then just correct them. Well, they are your friends, right? But don’t take advantages of them too often. Well, they are your friends! Continue reading “Blogging, Travelling and Working Update”

My Favorite Travel Deal, Paris in 30 hours

This is a post written by my sister Roberta, who loves traveling. 

In January, my family had just returned from a 7-night cruise and I was eager to plan our next vacation. Maybe it was the 50 below wind chill that inspired me? Or maybe it was just my love of travel. In any case, the same night we returned from a Western Caribbean cruise, I was on my computer at home considering various destinations. At one point I decided to go to the Sun Country airlines website to check on fares, and an advertisement on their home page caught my attention. It said something like, “Visit Paris for 30 hours”. I had been to Paris several times before, and it is one of my favorite cities. My husband had never been to Europe, and I knew it was something that he really wanted to do. So, having just returned from a week-long vacation, I did what any other vacation-lover would do… I turned to my husband and said, “Do you want to go to Paris for 30 hours, leaving two weeks from now?” My husband’s response? “Sure, let’s go!”


Here’s what Sun Country was offering. They were trying to meet some type of requirement in order to obtain a specific contract. In order to do this, they needed to accumulate a certain number of hours flying internationally each month. I’m not sure about all the details, but in order to meet the requirements, they decided to offer one flight to Paris, with certain restrictions. Passengers had to depart and return on the same aircraft (same flight crew and everything), and the plane would only stay in Paris for 30 hours. Although this isn’t very long for a city like Paris, the price was right: $230 per person round trip! And for us, with three small children, this was an ideal quick little getaway. I called my mom right away and she was ready to go. Seats for the three of us were booked within the hour. Continue reading “My Favorite Travel Deal, Paris in 30 hours”

Australia flag wooden sign with a beach on background

Traveling in Australia: Gearing Up for your Next Big Vacation Down Under

One of the top travel destinations for people around the world is the continent – and country – of Australia and the nearby Pacific Islands. In fact, tourism in Australia is a booming industry that brings $35 billion dollars to the Australian market each year. Australia boasts a variety of activities and attractions available for tourists to engage in, and the wildlife and diversity in environment makes Australia an exciting and exotic place to visit. Before you travel to this exciting location, however, it is important to do a bit of preparation so that differences, potential dangers, and unexpected challenges don’t slow you down while you’re on vacation.

Culture and Customs: Preparing to Engage with Australian Culture

Plenty of information is available from Australia’s tourism department regarding the unique history of the country of Australia and how it influences art, society and culture today. Australia uses the Australian dollar as currency, and another logistical strength of Australia as a travel destination is that the national language is English. This makes it relatively easy for international visitors to navigate Australian culture and interact with Australians. However, many people report that it is difficult to understand many of the words specifically used in Australian English, or that deciphering a thick Australian accent can be a challenge. Perhaps it would be useful to learn about some of the linguistic differences between British or American English and Australian English before you embark on your trip, just to feel prepared for any miscommunication that might occur while you are traveling.

Australian outback endless roadTransportation: Getting Around in Australia

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UCSC Colleges: Cowell College



In 1965, Cowell College was founded as the first college at UCSC. The college is named after Henry Cowell, who owned much of the property that UCSC exists on currently. The Cowell family became wealthy by withdrawing the limestone from the hills and from raising cattle. Many areas around Santa Cruz are named after Cowell.


Cowell’s theme revolves around justice — what is it, and how does media define it?


Cowell is located in an extremely convenient spot on campus. Cowell is right by the bookstore plaza, which is the closest thing UCSC has to a central meeting area. Cowell is within walking distance of the east field (and all the athletic facilities). The Humanities area (and the Humanities lecture hall) is right next to Cowell. Science Hill (the main area for all sciences) is a little bit away, but it’s not much of an uphill walk.

Cowell College has many accessible bus stops for the main perimeter buses, city buses, and the central core buses, making it easy to reach just about all areas of campus from Cowell via bus, even if the locations are a bit of a walk away.


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New Orleans’ Best Live Music Places

The city of New Orleans is famous for great food and good partying, but additionally, people in the Big Easy love music in all its forms and shapes. Rhythm and music are the ingredients for the lifestyle in New Orleans where jazz musicians, brass bands, Creole traditional and funky music artists fill the local music clubs all through the Crescent City. All year round you can hear some of America’s greatest live music acts performing in the city’s bars and clubs for a small cover charge, and sometimes no fee at all. Continue reading “New Orleans’ Best Live Music Places”

UCSC Colleges: Stevenson College


This post is a part of my 10 post series about UCSC colleges.


Founded in 1966, Stevenson was UCSC’s second college. Stevenson is named after Adlai Stevenson, a former Illinois governor who also ran against Dwight Eisenhower for president.


Stevenson’s theme is “Self and Society” — the theme revolves around how an individual can find him/herself and how he/she can later benefit society.

It’s definitely worth noting that Stevenson’s core course actually takes two quarters, but it fulfills more general education requirements than a normal core class. I did recommend not deciding a college based on its theme, but be aware that the core class can be very tiring. Continue reading “UCSC Colleges: Stevenson College”