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Best Wedding Venues in New Orleans

New Orleans is one of America’s finest romantic cities, and the city offers an excellent historical setting for a wonderful wedding. Whether your affair is intimate or huge, there are many places to consider for your special day. The Big Easy is packed with places and locations that offer the finest wedding and reception facilities. Whether you’re planning an outdoor wedding for 20 or a formal dinner reception for 400, your venue should provide the right atmosphere for your celebration. Here are the most ideal locations for a memorable wedding day:

New Orleans City Park
1 Palm Drive, New Orleans, LA 70124, Phone: 504-488-2896
This park is famous for organizing magnificent wedding ceremonies in its charming New Orleans Botanical Garden. Friends and family members will enjoy the stunning plants, flowers and fountains throughout this natural environment. The park features vast swan-filled bayous and dozens of years old trees blanketed in moss. All these elements are paying homage to the city’s charm, and breezeways and outdoor dance floors can be found for a special tropical feeling. You will enjoy excellent catering, skilled staff and numerous services to choose from to make your day most special.

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Places You Must Visit in New Orleans

New Orleans, the Big Easy, is really among the world’s most remarkable cities. Its rich history is founded on influences from Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe, and the city has always been the home of a unique melting pot of culture, food, and music.

If you visit New Orleans, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a bowl filled with gumbo, and wander through historic communities. Come to the Big Easy and enjoy New Orleans’ nighttime dark jazz clubs, and be present at fabulous festivals all year round. This city is truly one of America’s most famous historical values and a cultural top-destination.

What you should not miss (besides Mardi Gras-the final day of Carnival) while visiting New Orleans:

French Quarter – the famous historical neighborhood, and cultural center for night time entertainment in New Orleans. The French Quarter really must be visited because of its abundant history, the vibrant atmosphere, and distinct architecture. The district is renown for its music and famous jazz clubs, street performances and energetic nightlife. Furthermore, here you can find the greatest art galleries and the city’s best restaurants. Read More

Must Visit Streets in New Orleans

While visiting New Orleans there are some streets you should not miss. Here they are:


St. Charles Avenue
A major thoroughfare in New Orleans and the place for the St. Charles Streetcar Line. An antique streetcar can take you on a ride through the historical past or you can go walking by the hundreds of storybook mansions that decorate the tree-lined boulevard.

Magazine Street
Magazine Street absolutely is a dreamland for second-hand bargain seekers, coffee shop fanatics and those people who appreciate casual dining, and the stroll will take you all the way from the Garden District to Uptown New Orleans.

Royal Street
Just one block away from the madness of Bourbon Street is the French Quarter’s more sophisticated and elegant center of local artistic culture. Royal Street is a pleasant blend of exquisite antique shops and boutiques, wonderful jewelry stores, amazing art galleries, great architecture and world-class hotels and restaurants. Read More

Overseas Adventure Travel – Find a job that includes it

In case you give thought to travel job opportunities, the travel business (jobs like pilot or flight attendant) most likely come to your mind, but you can find on top of that several not-so-obvious employment alternatives for individuals who love to travel.

And for some jobs, you don’t need to have a specific and expensive education. Here are some examples of dream jobs that involve traveling.

  • Road crews, passionately referred to as roadies – These are the persons who take care of the stage productions for music and theater acts that are on tour
  • Look into being employed as a field service technical specialist – Traveling repair technicians go wherever they will be required to carry out equipment repairs and regular maintenance
  • Why not become Peace Corps volunteer – Worldwide aid professionals help nations that are having difficulties or coping with financial crises, natural catastrophes, warfare, famine and despotism
  •  Cruise line laborer –  Being employed on a cruise liner is really a traveling lover’s fancy position, you literally earn an income by moving around the globe, and enjoy free food and lodging at the same time
  •  Truck Driver –  This is not really an easy job, but it pays well, and long-haul drivers will check out the world. Moving firms always are looking for drivers, too. Some truckers have their own vehicles, others work with company trucks

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New Orleans – Best Live Music Places

The city of New Orleans is famous for great food and good partying, but additionally, people in the Big Easy love music in all its forms and shapes. Rhythm and music are the ingredients for the lifestyle in New Orleans where jazz musicians, brass bands, Creole traditional and funky music artists fill the local music clubs all through the Crescent City. All year round you can hear some of America’s greatest live music acts performing in the city’s bars and clubs for a small cover charge, and sometimes no fee at all.

New Orleans offers a big selection of musical possibilities and clubs to accommodate everybody’s taste. On virtually any night of the week, you are able to discover some rock or blues legends performing in one of the city’s numerous clubs. You can find promising acoustic performers, jazz to Cajun music everywhere and sometimes even music you never had the pleasure of hearing before.

No matter whether you prefer to sit in a fabled music hall, taking in the sounds of contemporary jazz, or want to dance to a brass band performing in the city’s streets, you will find a huge amount of locations where you can discover some of New Orleans’ best music. In the Big Easy people celebrate life and death with jazz, and this could range from a jazz brunch on Sunday or a brass band in one of the many street parades, to a jazz funeral on Friday afternoon. At any location, and for every situation, you can always hear jazz all through New Orleans. A visit to the Big Easy cannot be complete if you don’t pay a visit to some of the great music and jazz clubs around the Crescent City.

Here are some favorites:

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Haunted Hotels and Bars in New Orleans

The city of New Orleans has a long standing tradition when it relates to ghost stories and haunting. The citizens of the Big Easy sometimes treat these stories and hauntings frivolously as these phenomena are often taken for granted. However, distinct seasons or moments of the year make them recall certain stories, many of which are commonly well-known and legendary, and some of these stories are whispered with more cautious and discretely…

If you consider the age and the history of New Orleans, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that in the Crescent City tales and stories of ghosts, spirits, and paranormal activities are not unusual at all, and if you are able to see through the idea that presumably all ghosts and spirits are scary, you might become to feel less uncomfortable around them. When visiting the Big Easy, you surely should go to one of the city’s gorgeous cemeteries or stay at one of the hotels where through the years many visitors experienced paranormal activity. Additionally, you should have a drink or some food at one of New Orleans haunted bars, you won’t want to miss the excitement. Here you can find a few of New Orleans’ most haunted hotels and bars. Read More

Luxury Hotels in New Orleans

In the Crescent City, famous for Mardi Gras, every day is a celebration in the city’s French Quarter. The city offers plenty to see and is full of interesting attractions, no wonder many people look for luxury hotels in New Orleans.

Take a stroll down the cobbled streets and enjoy all the beautiful historic homes, visit the famous plantations and cemeteries or jump on one of the city’s oldest constantly running street cars. Discover the exciting live music every evening when the clubs of the French Quarter come alive in this city, known as the birthplace of Jazz.

The Big Easy has countless hotels, but if you want the best, the most luxury classic hotels this city has to offer, look at the list below and find the best New Orleans Hotels. Most presented hotels carry no less than a 4-star classification and provide all possible classic luxury. New Orleans (NOLA) is beautifully located along the Mississippi River and offers many attractions and museums.

The city is famous for its classic restaurants offering you a great “Haute Cuisine” experience and as well for the many casual quality dining places. and the thrilling excitement of the French Quarter.

Here you can find the best luxury hotels in New Orleans, the most significant city in Louisiana.

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Bourbon street hotels

Bourbon Street, New Orleans, is probably one of the most well-known streets in the entire world. Bourbon Street is famous for its live music, bars, strip clubs, and anything-goes ambiance, and the street is viewed as the center of New Orleans tourist nightlife.

Bourbon Street hotels are usually highly-priced, but plenty of visitors believe that you can find no substitute for being straight at the center of all the activity. Some hotels present balconies that overlook Bourbon Street. The French Quarter (or Vieux Carré – Old Square) is what comes up when a lot of people think about New Orleans.

The French Quarter is the oldest and best-preserved historic part of the city. It is packed with stunning architecture, countless shops and restaurants, bars and clubs, museums and historic houses. Located above the mighty Mississippi River on the highest ground in the city, the French Quarter steered clear of destruction from two big fires in the 18th century and Katrina. Bourbon street and the French Quarter have survived, and continue to stimulate artists and add a little magic to the world. Read More

5 star Hotels in New Orleans

New Orleans offers hundreds of hotels, but if you want the creme-de-la-creme in this vibrant city, check out this listing of luxury Big Easy Hotels. All featured hotels have at least a 4-star classification and offer all thinkable classic luxury. New Orleans is regarded as the homeland of Jazz and the birthplace of Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong.

N’awlins is the home of the legendary annual Mardi Gras parades and is beautifully situated along the mighty Mississippi River. The city offers many attractions and quite a few museums and is absolutely worth a visit. New Orleans is best known for classic restaurants offering Haute Cuisine, for timeless culture, great recreation, and the thrilling excitement of the French Quarter.

Below you can find the best luxury hotels that New Orleans, the most significant metropolitan center in the state of Louisiana, has to offer.

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Cheap Hotels in French Quarter New Orleans

Here we feature a few cheap hotels in New Orleans’ French Quarter. The most significant urban center in the state of Louisiana, New Orleans is known as the birthplace of Jazz and Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong. The Big Easy is also the home of the legendary annual Mardi Gras parade. Situated along the Mississippi River, New Orleans (NOLA) has an abundance to offer you when it comes to cuisine, culture, recreation, and excitement.

From creative artistic locations, such as the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and the New Orleans Museum of Art, to the vibrant setting of Bourbon Street, the city always offers something for everyone in a spectacular urban environment. New Orleans has hundreds of hotels and if you visit New Orleans on a budget, you better find accommodation outside the French Quarter. On the other hand, especially if you are a first-timer, you might as well stay there where the action is, and miss nothing of all that’s going on in the French Quarter. Here are some very affordable French Quarter Hotels:

Royal Barracks Guest House
717 Barracks Street, New Orleans, LA 70116, 504-529-7269
When you want to find a full-service hotel or guest house, the Royal Barracks is nothing for you. However, in case you would like to stay at an affordable guest house, and not be in the middle of the touristic noise but still feel like a local, this place is right for you. Free Wifi.
Guest appreciation: 3 stars
Rates from  $69

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