RVing As A Retiring Couple

RVing and Retirement go hand in hand for many couples! When you and your spouse hit the retiring mark in life, why not consider investing in an RV to retire in? This would give you great freedom to travel around to different places that you have always wanted to see, and you would still have the comforts of home right along with you. Plus you can decide where to go and how long to stay.

RVing has changed significantly over the years, and it seems like they get nicer and more modern every year. Prices and styles depend on how new the RV is and if it’s used or new. Most Modern RVs come with a flat-screen TV, walk-in shower, a modern kitchen, and equipment, as well as extra storage compartments underneath the RV.

They even have awnings on the outside, which can be perfect to set up lawn chairs and even a table under, for added outdoor comfort. You can even purchase a screen to close it in and keep it bug-free!  You can hook your car up to the back of the RV and take it right along if you feel like leaving the “house in the lot.” This makes it easier when you want to stop and site see without having to drive the RV around to different places.


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RVing As A Main Way To Travel

The last few weeks, I’ve been very busy with working and traveling so It’s been a while that you could find any new posts here. I think I haven’t been blogging since our last trip to Utah as we visited the fair and enjoyed some wonderful skiing out there. But now it’s back to explaining the benefits of RVing.

When planning an exciting trip for some adventure and time away from the stressful workdays, seriously consider renting or buying an RV as the main way to travel. Thus, traveling in an RV is called RVing. While RVing, you have combined freedom of the open road with the luxuries of home.

On the open road, there are plenty of places to stop for the night and hook up your RV. Some places even offer swimming pools, hot tubs, and other recreational activities such as tennis and volleyball.

RVs allow you to unpack your belongings and put things away instead of living out of a suitcase for the whole trip. Instead of going out to eat for every meal you have the option of cooking a good homemade meal right out of your RV kitchen.


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Utah “The Greatest Snow On Earth”

Over the past months, I’ve been writing mostly about RVing and related things but winter is here and we checked out Utah for some great winter skiing! Utah, “The Greatest Snow On Earth.” I’ve grown up hearing about how awesome the skiing is in Utah, but never had the opportunity to verify the rumors until this year.

We visited the area years ago with our RV but that was in the summer. Well, this time I’m not sure I experienced “the greatest snow on earth,” but I did experience some of the greatest skiing on earth! Last week, Veronica and I drove to Salt Lake for the Outdoor Retailer show and had the opportunity to spend 3 days up on the slopes.

Wednesday, Day 1 of skiing… Solitude Ski Resort up Big Cottonwood Canyon. We woke up super early, got on the computer and learned Solitude was getting hammered and that Big Cottonwood Canyon was closed to all vehicles without chains or 4-wheel drive (which we happen to have!). A mere 15 or 20 minutes from our hotel in South Jordan, we were at the ticket window chomping at the bit to hit the 10-inches of fresh powder.


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Benefits Of RVing

Whether you plan on traveling alone or with someone, there are great things to know about Traveling In An RV, otherwise known as RVing. No matter how far you go from your home, there are always places to stop and see, in your own home on wheels.

While RVing, there are great opportunities to meet new people and even make lifetime friends at places you camp, stop for site-seeing, and/or rest. There are a lot more people traveling In RVs nowadays than one may think. Instead of getting a hotel room and staying in one place, the RV allows you to be on the go and enjoy yourself for days, weeks, and even months at a time.

You don’t have to worry about packing up everytime you want to go somewhere new; if you left some of your belongings behind; or if the hotel room is even clean. Usually the more people you have that stay in a hotel room, the more money it will cost, but if you have an RV, you can save a lot of money on the RV site alone.


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Recreational Vehicles – History

Recreational Vehicles, RVs for short, go back over 100 years ago and have come a long way since the first ones were being built in 1910. Charles Kellogg built his own model in 1914 and made it out of a single redwood tree. It then won the name “The Travel Log,” and was Kellog’s way of traveling around the country telling people about the beautiful redwood trees of California.

Before the RV came along people had to camp in private rail cars that were pulled alongside train routes. People didn’t want to be limited to the rail system, so the RV allowed them to go where they wanted, whenever they wanted! A few of the Early RVs had a bathroom on board, while others didn’t, and the nearest tree or bush was used as a bathroom. All of the RVs had a place to eat and sleep, and was a nice way to vacation and still have the comforts of home.

Pierce-Arrow was one of the many companies that were producing motorized RVs in 1910. Some of the companies had to be started in the backyards or in the garages of people who had a dream to get others mobilized. During WWII several manufacturers built travel trailers to house and transport troops and defense workers. Then after the war, RVs were a recreational activity for growing, prosperous post-war families.


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Is RVing Becoming Increasingly Popular?

Well, it certainly looks like the popularity Of RVing is on the increase, not just here in the United States, but also in Canada! This has been reported in an article written in the RV News section of the Camping World Newsletter. Whether working and using the RV for a weekend getaway or traveling to a National Park for a two-week vacation, the RV makes the perfect way to go.

Self-contained these vehicles afford the RVer with the ability to save money usually spent on hotel rooms and restaurants. These Recreational Vehicles also allow the traveler to enjoy the ability of pulling off at roadside rest stops along the interstates and take a nap, fix and eat a meal, or to catch up on the news or favorite sports game by turning on their built-in satellite TV dish.

Americans love to travel, and with the price of first-class airline tickets, being sky high not to mention, the inconvenience with all the hassle of air travel (i.e.: long ticket counter lines, long lines to be processed through security screening process, having to arrive at least a couple of hours early before boarding time, traveling with persons who may be sick, etc.).

With a motorhome, you just get it packed and serviced prior to your planned departure date at your leisure. Get a good night sleep the night before you leave and then start out on your time schedule and not someone else’s schedule.


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Blogging, Traveling and Working Update

I have been busy recently and didn’t have much time for traveling or blogging. I’m a full-time student who supports herself working a part-time job. My recent gig is writing tests. Writing these practice tests for students is relatively easy but answering questions people post as feedback is hard work, I recently asked to remove comments on the tests because people are asking totally simple questions.

I like this gig a lot, but it takes so much time to answer the question when you think your job is all done. So I’m thinking about earning money with a blog. Will it work? Let’s start from the beginning.

But you might ask: why I should choose to blog? Is Blogging a good start to an online career? Well, if it doesn’t work, I can always get back to my old profession, I do have my GED diploma, after all, I worked hard for 7 months studying online and attending classes (I don’t recommend classes), just choose a good online practice such as Best GED classes.

What does Blogging mean? Most of the people would say that is you have a website, you write whatever you want (legally, please), usually about your daily personal stuff and then publish them on the website. Now the website is called your blog, and you are blogging and called a blogger. Some kinds of online diaries? Well, that’s true and also a reason why they usually don’t make money with their blogs. (I used to see blogs that way too!)


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The Best National Parks If You’re Camping

Family vacationing may be your favorite event that has to be held at least once annually. But you did not want to spend too much money during your family vacation. Camping may be your best friend for your savings, as well as, your family. Although not every family member will enjoy the camping, the main goal is still the same, a peaceful retreat in a scenic natural setting. Sure, outdoor camping is not the only preference available in these national parks, but let’s take a closer look at some of the best national park for camping.


Located in the state of Maine, Arcadia National Park, a haven for outdoor lovers, has a mountain descend into the sea along its wind-swept jagged coastline. Climbing, hiking, biking, wildlife viewing, kayaking are the most favorited activities among a lot of activities here. The most important camping grounds are Blackwoods and Seawall Campgrounds. The Atlantic ocean is within a 10-minute walk from the camping grounds.


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Places to Visit: New York

Musicians have written songs about it, directors have filmed movies about it. It’s no doubt that New York is one of the most must-see places in the world. The greatness of this city might overwhelm you, so stock up on a little know-how and get to know the places to visit in New York.

The State of New York

If suspension bridges have always caught your imagination, then you are sure to fall in love with the Brooklyn Bridge of New York. Out of the several leading areas to see in New York, the shopaholic in you will enjoy the best shopping areas in all of the of state. A good New York concierge can get you almost anything immediately, except maybe an audience with the Pope.
There are plenty of trains traveling to this city and hence it is known as the suburbs of New York. Additionally, cheap flights to New York come in great numbers. In the big apple, you will find great restaurants and bars, the hottest nightclubs, as well as, celebrity spots and famous New York landmarks.

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Enjoy Dublin’s Nightlife

If you are thinking about a girlfriends getaway – party style – then read as Jim Dean gives us the scoop on Nightlife in Dublin.  There are plenty of fun activities and places to enjoy during your stay in Ireland.  

Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin has one of the best nightlife scenes in all of Europe, perhaps because of its youthful student population and the constant influx of adventurous travelers. This city is quickly becoming one of the best weekend destinations in Europe, and there is always a new and exciting nightclub to check out in Dublin.
The pub is an important center of Irish culture, as it is the meeting place for the community to talk, catch up on gossip, eat, drink, and generally have a great time. There are many friendly and comfortable local pubs where you can enjoy a relaxed pint in an unpretentious atmosphere with perhaps some live music. Later in the night, there are also glitzy nightclubs where you can dance the night away.
Live Music
Many bars and pubs throughout Dublin will feature live music so that you can rock out to some great tunes while you are enjoying your pint of Guinness. Whelan’s is a popular music venue, as well as The Village, and both have regular gigs on most nights of the week. If you head down before 10 pm, the cover charge is usually free.

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