10 Tips for Vacation Coupon Savings

Luxury should be so cheap… well, it can.  Get more ideas here…

Whether you clip coupons with scissors or search for cyber savings on the internet, the effect is the same – special deals and dollars back, but only for those in the know. Here are ten tips for making the most of what’s on offer.

Look Before You Book There’s nothing more frustrating than finding a great deal after you’ve made your reservations, so give yourself plenty of time to find special offers and still get the bookings you want.

Make an Itinerary Write out your itinerary, including how you’ll travel, what kind of accommodations you’ll need, and attractions you want to visit. Make a note of flexible points – such as travel dates – which could allow you to take advantage of a discount.

Get on the Mailing List In addition to signing up at internet travel sites, sign up for newsletters from airlines, hotels, car rental and other travel-related companies. Some of best coupons come from the glossy brochures and vacation planners sent by state and city tourist boards, so get on their lists as well,

Compare Savings Coupons come to a la carte style as well as in combinations that pair airfare with a hotel or car rental. Keep a list of these and a separate list of a la carte. Buying a package usually eliminates the chance to use exclusive coupons, so you’ll want to see which route yields bigger savings.

Check Your Memberships Credit cards, auto clubs, insurance companies, senior citizens organizations – their bills and mailings arrive with exotic coupons that usually get tossed aside. Now’s the time to read them, because a high percentage of the deals are travel related.

Know the Lingo When it’s time to search the internet, don’t limit yourself to “coupon.” Though you’ll get some hits pairing this with words like “travel” and “airfare,” you’ll have better luck with “deals” and “discounts.” You can also try “coupon code” travel sites.

Identify Your Group Coupons are often targeted to a particular market niche, so identify the niches you fit and search the internet accordingly. Keywords to try include family, military, senior, and student, most of which yield numerous hits paired with “travel discount.” You can also search by trip types, such as weekend, cruise, last minute, romantic getaway and the like.

Try Ebay Although searching for travel coupons or vouchers on eBay won’t yield more than a page or two of hits, it’s a quick stop that might pay off big.

Dining and Sightseeing For coupons to local sights, search by city name and “attractions” or “sightseeing.” Urban centers also have city pass cards good for discounts on sights and even shopping. To find restaurant coupons, search online for the Happenings or Entertainment book for your destination. Since these books run by the calendar year, they are often discounted as the year goes on, and using even a few of the coupons usually makes the purchase worthwhile.

Pick Up the Phone It’s often worth calling the airline, car rental, or hotel you’re interested in to ask if they have any coupons on offer or, if you have a coupon from a competitor, ask if they can beat the price. Although searching out coupons will take a bit of time, they may just allow you to take the vacation you’ve been dreaming of. You can save on everything—airfare, accommodations, food, and activities. Start planning now and enjoy your vacation later!

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