Blogging, Traveling and Working Update

I have been busy recently and didn’t have much time for traveling or blogging. I’m a full-time student who supports herself working a part-time job. My recent gig is writing tests. Writing these practice tests for students is relatively easy but answering questions people post as feedback is hard work, I recently asked to remove comments on the tests because people are asking totally simple questions.

I like this gig a lot, but it takes so much time to answer the question when you think your job is all done. So I’m thinking about earning money with a blog. Will it work? Let’s start from the beginning.

What does Blogging mean? Most of the people would say that is you have a website, you write whatever you want (legally, please), usually about your daily personal stuff and then publish them on the website. Now the website is called your blog, and you are blogging and called a blogger. Some kinds of online diaries? Well, that’s true and also a reason why they usually don’t make money with their blogs. (I used to see blogs that way too!)

So if you combine blog, travel and make money, you will have: you have a blog, you write what you like and useful to people, then you publish them. That is making money by blogging. (We can talk a lot about this topic)

Let’s see some pros and cons:


  1. Freely express your ideas: what can be better than talking about things you like and earn money from that.

2. Get more friends: absolutely. If people don’t like you and your blog…. Ok, you still have your family and friends to read your posts.

3. Easily to get readers: as blogs are a two-way communication, it’s easier for people to read your posts, comments and then come back to your blog to see the replied comments. After all, behind a blog are real people, not like you use a website and never talk to the owner.

4. Easy to correct mistakes: I love this one. Your readers could forgive you if by chance you made some mistakes and then just correct them. Well, they are your friends, right? But don’t take advantages of them too often. Well, they are your friends!


1. Cost money to maintain: yes, you should do that. Even there are free services, but your blog is your virtual estate, so treat it well. Luckily, that’s not so much money!

2. Update regularly: if your blog doesn’t have new posts, what drives your reader come back? “Give and take”, right?! Give out your best ideas, your readers will be fair to you.

3. Stay active to your readers: as I said, that’s two-way communication. People will read a blog when the owner is missing? Sounds fun!

As you see some main things above and still consider blogging, then here are some steps for you to create your blog:

(I will write about them in separated posts as each of them is very important)

1. Choose your niches: that means choose particular topics for your blog. You can’t write about anything! Sorry but that would make your blog a mess (maybe more than that). It is best if you choose some topics you like, as it is easier to write about them for a long time.

2. Choose keywords: how can people find the information they need? They google it! Then what they type into the search bar? Keywords! Ok, choose them carefully as they could be the name of your blog.

3. Choose domain names and hosting: you can choose whatever you like to be your blog name, could be your name. However, for Google, experts said that keywords of your niches are better. (see my blog’s name!). And for your future, I recommend using paid services for both your domain name and blog hosting.

4. Choose a theme: the first impression of readers is about the design of the blog, the colors, layout…. Your theme can decide that. You decide on the theme.

5. Build your blog: you have enough ingredients now. It’s time to start cooking (I mean that). If you’re new to me, you should do this. Change the theme features, plugins, ads and banner, links, they could be very frustrated at first. (I will have more posts for this)

Wow, that is quite long, isn’t it? Yeah, things are always hard at the beginning, and that’s why they are worth doing. For now, I will continue writing GED tests and lessons but who knows maybe in the future I will change the GED practice into the blog practice. 

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