New Orleans Voodoo Tours

Voodoo goes back all the way to Africa, but many people still associate the spiritual practices with the city of New Orleans. Voodoo was seriously exercised in this region in the 1800s, and the city still carries traces of that supernatural period. In the Big Easy, you can find quite a few walking tours to enjoy voodoo’s rich historical past and wonderful tales at various locations and at reasonable prices.

All the way from the historic French Quarter and the Treme district to the city’s stunning Garden District and directing by the mid-city Cities of the Dead (the Central Cemetery district), these voodoo tours definitely will explore seriously into the swamps and bayous of pre-historic living and investigate the haunted historical past of New Orleans together with expert native historians.

New Orleans is a very distinctive city and offers a rich Matriarchal background. Native New Orleans citizens will give a refreshing insiders opinion and a cultural preservers’ point of view about family roots that go back to the 1700s. Here are a few well-established voodoo-tours providers:


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