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Waitomo Caves

People who really love to go to new places just to get an adventure are really suitable for this place. People can enjoy the view that they can find inside the cave. They can also enjoy the track that leads to the Waitomo Caves. These days, there are a lot of companies that build facilities that can be used by the tourist who visits Waitomo Caves.

Usually, there are two kinds of facilities that can be visited by the tourist. One is for those who really want to enjoy the view of Waitomo Caves, and one is for those who want to really have an adventure in Waitomo Caves. Usually, most people will choose the first one since they don’t need a lot of effort to visit Waitomo Caves. But there are also people who choose the second one since they want to have a little adventure on their trip to Waitomo Caves.

Waitomo Caves is a place that you can’t miss out when you visit New Zealand. The Caves are really suitable for those who visit New Zealand to get a lot of adventure. Waitomo Caves is an attractive location that people usually visit this place if they want to get a lot of adventures that they never experienced before. Waitomo Caves is located on the North Island of New Zealand. It is 12 kilometers northwest of Te Kuiti.

In Waitomo Caves, you will also able to see the small villages that consist of local people who already live there for a long time. Even though the village in Waitomo Caves is a small village, but you can also see several temporary service workers who also live there. Waitomo Caves is become an attractive site for many tourists because of the views that provide by the cave. See also this post about Bali.

Abel Tasman National Park

If you and your family are planning to visit New Zealand, maybe you need to put Abel Tasman National Park on your list of places that you are going to visit in New Zealand. Abel Tasman National Park is known as the smallest national park that you can only find, but there are lots of things to be seen and discovered in the park and there’s plenty of adventure. It reminds me a bit of Hawaii, but still totally different…

There is no public transportation that you can use around Abel Tasman National Park, so you’ll just have to walk if you want to explore the natural beauty that abounds. But when you decide to walk around the park, you will never regret your decision. This is because Abel Tasman National Park will provide you with the greatest of views on your journey.

There are quite a few camping sites that you can use for your tent camp, and the campsites are safe! You will able to enjoy the beautiful sunset and the warm sunrise. When you wake up in the morning and you decide to continue your journey, you will be marveled by the impressive scenery that çan’t be found in any other New Zealand national park.

So even though Abel Tasman National Park is the smallest of the country’s national parks, it will provide you with the most beautiful moments that you’ll never forget in your life! The park offers lots of opportunities for hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing, probably the best in the area. Check out this Maldives post as well.