The Best Of Bali’s Food And Drink

While on your Bali Holiday trip, make sure to indulge in some delicious food and drink merrily.  Enjoy this great article.

Bali is a great place to go for pretty much any type of traveler, with various activities to make anyone happy. But among the things that are great about Bali is the wide variety of food and drinks available. Simply gastronomical!

Traditional Bali Cuisine- Some Must-Tries

When I was in Bali, obviously I made it a point to try the foods that are native to Bali and that the locals enjoy on a daily basis. One of these wonderful foods is Bebek Bututu. This dish is a specialty dish where a duck is baked in banana leaves with many different kinds of herbs and spices to form a dish that is just excitement on the tongue. It was really delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed this particular dish.

The other specialty dish in Bali is the Babi Guling (which translated literally means rolled pork). The dish comprises of pieces of pork grilled to perfection after being showered with a tongue-stimulating concoction of spices (yes, spices again, but this is Asia, what do you expect!). Babi Guling has often been raved about by celebrity chefs and travelers and for a good reason too. I could not get enough of this dish! No wonder it’s a favorite of most locals here.

Just a note I wish to put in here: most food items you see in Bali is accompanied by a healthy serving of rice. Even with fast food. Indonesians love their rice, and eating food as they do only make the whole experience a lot more cultural. That’s why you should also definitely try their specialty rice dishes like Nasi Padang (rice served with a variety of dishes which you can choose from) and Nasi Goreng (fried rice Borneo style). Not only that, I also tried Sate and Gado Gado, with Sate being grilled pieces of meat served with peanut sauce and Gado-Gado being the more healthy version as they are half-boiled vegetables served with peanut sauce. I definitely would come back to Bali again just for the food, it was so good! Maybe even better than Hawaii, but, of course, that’s pretty personal.

Local Alcohols To Try In Bali

While you can get any type of imported alcohol in Bali, I stayed clear of them during my trip as they were rather expensive, and I wanted to try what the locals drink instead.

Bali locals indulge in their own alcoholic concoctions, namely Tuak, Brem, and Arak.

Tuak is a quality palm wine that has the same alcohol concentration as most beers, around 5%. It had a pretty good taste to me. Brem is a drink made from black glutinous rice and coconut milk; it had a rich consistency that was very enjoyable too. However, as with most foreigners, I especially loved Arak, with its high alcohol content. It is distilled from Tuak or Brem and usually drank on the rocks, sometimes being mixed with orange/lemon juice or honey. It is very affordable, and the best part is, I didn’t wake up with a hangover. I’m not surprised the locals love their alcohol!

Besides the above, there are many more things you can eat and drink in Bali that you should definitely try at least once. But the above are the best ones according to me. I love Bali! Check also this article about the Maldives.