How Not To Empty Your Wallet During A Cruise Trip

Cruise trips may be among the choices by people who want to spend their holidays or free time. One of the famous cruise lines in the United States is Bay State Cruise Company of Boston, Massachusetts. Although some of the cruise trips will accommodate you with complete facilities or entertainments, the fare may leave your wallet or bank accounts crying. Especially the cruise passengers who are on a tight budget. Extra services or accommodations are optional. If you want your bank survives during a cruise trip, avoid these things below.


Online packages are always available for the passengers, but it is not that cheap, even with a discounted package. Your best bet is to unplug. If you really need the internet connection, bring your laptop or device ashore and look for a cafe or bar with free WiFi connection sign on the window. You can get a WiFI password at the price of coffee or beer or at most places even free today.


Have you heard a horror story of cruise line? You’re doing it. Avoid your calls, and that is your best bet. You can always call someone to keep in with contact with them, but the fare can be skyrocketing. Check for a provider for international roaming charges if you really plan to use your cell phone. If you did not turn off your cellular phone connections, you will become one of the cruise horror stories because of the huge phone call charges. This is especially the case when you’re visiting countries on the other side of the world like New Zealand or Australia.


Onshore gift shops will be the best choice for you and your wallet. Always put on your blinders or keep your sight away from the onboard gift shops. Sometimes, they will also deliver the gifts to your cabin and start to talk all sort of deals. If you are to buy the gifts, buy it at the onshore gift shops. There are quite a few cruise lines that sail the seas in the Pacific around Hawaii. You will be tempted to take home some so-called “authentic” Polynesian artifacts or other hand-crafted memorabilia, but these gifts are usually pretty much worthless so please, be wise and stay away from this sort of things!


The house always wins. ‘Nuff said. Always keep in your mind that “The house always wins”. This is the main profit area for the cruise lines. Enter at your own risk. Well.if taking it to the seas is not your cup of tea, check out this post about the best national parks for camping.


Relax more and choke your wallet more. Your ship’s spa will be a lovely oasis for relaxing, with facilities including sauna and steam (sometimes even complimentary) and a full menu of soothing treatments – at prices often higher than at home. Since you have the time on vacation you may want to splurge. Just remember you will be expected to tip (15% may be automatically added) and prepare for what may be a heavy post-treatment pitch for expensive take-home product.