Is RVing Becoming Increasingly Popular?

Well, it certainly looks like the popularity Of RVing is on the increase, not just here in the United States, but also in Canada! This has been reported in an article written in the RV News section of the Camping World Newsletter. Whether working and using the RV for a weekend getaway or traveling to a National Park for a two-week vacation, the RV makes the perfect way to go.

Self-contained these vehicles afford the RVer with the ability to save money usually spent on hotel rooms and restaurants. These Recreational Vehicles also allow the traveler to enjoy the ability of pulling off at roadside rest stops along the interstates and take a nap, fix and eat a meal, or to catch up on the news or favorite sports game by turning on their built-in satellite TV dish.

Americans love to travel, and with the price of first-class airline tickets, being sky high not to mention, the inconvenience with all the hassle of air travel (i.e.: long ticket counter lines, long lines to be processed through security screening process, having to arrive at least a couple of hours early before boarding time, traveling with persons who may be sick, etc.).

With a motorhome, you just get it packed and serviced prior to your planned departure date at your leisure. Get a good night sleep the night before you leave and then start out on your time schedule and not someone else’s schedule.

Is there any doubt that RVing is increasing in popularity? If you watch the traffic as your traveling, you will see how many RVs are on the road. You will also see the drivers are of varying age brackets, between their 20s and 70s. Yes, Traveling By RV is much more preferred today than it was a few years ago. Many American workers desire to get away as often as they can after completing their hectic work weeks.  Americans love to travel and we love to travel in comfort, none the less.

Popular RV Parks For Travelers

There are so many great places to visit in an RV, it’s hard to begin. From the beaches, lakes, ski mountains in the Midwest, to the dog-friendly vacation spots, and Indian Reservation, there really is so much to see!  And what better way to see it all than in an RV? Popular RV Parks are endless in the U.S.

If you’re seeking the peaceful calm of the beach, here are a few places to go: Cannon Beach, Oregon. Here you will find Haystack Rock, 235 foot tall that dominates the sandy shore near town. Then across the US is St. George Island State Park, Florida -this Sunny Island is linked to the mainland by a 29-mile bridge. Easter Island is a 2,000-acre state park with miles of beaches and fishing spots. One thing is certain, this way of vacationing will in no way empty your wallet like, for example, the tricks you’ll be faced with on a cruise ship.

Best of Lakes, Voyageurs National Parks, Minnesota is located on the border of Canada in northern Minnesota and is a great destination for lake recreation. Then we have Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and California. Lake Tahoe is a great lake destination throughout the year; visitors will find something fantastic to enjoy year-round. The Nevada shore of Lake Tahoe has casinos and a beautiful byway.

Best of Ski Mountains: Midwest: Christal Mountain, Michigan is one of the best destination ski resorts. It is a great place to visit year round for an extended vacation. The Mountain has 45 runs served by 9 lifts and over 40 kilometers of cross-country trails. For information about European destinations, for example, beautiful Tuscany in Italy, check out this article.

Dog-Friendly Vacations: Seattle, Washington – visitors have access to a remarkable number of recreational and other fun activities to enjoy with their dogs. Santa Rita Lodge, Arizona is located in the Madera Canyon area of the Coronado National Forest. The Santa Maria Lodge is a great destination to escape the hustle and bustle of the city with your dog. See also this post about the most beautiful places you absolutely MUST visit.

Yakama Nation in Toppenish Washington: it has a great place to stay – they have a library, gift shop, museum, a casino a half block away, etc. They even have Tee Pee’s you can rent. If you’re looking for more space! Go RVing all over the great nation!