New Orleans swamp tours

New Orleans is a melting pot of different cultures and languages, underlined by a variety of peoples, dialects, and lifestyles. When visiting the city you should try New Orleans swamp tours. Close to the city are the famous bayous that have been a source of marvel and secrets for ages. You can find many programs to check out these swamps from aboard privately operated boats, well guided by Louisiana residents who not only explain the wildlife around you, but also the historical past of the swamps and the mysteries they possess.

Have you really wished to get up close and personal with an alligator, or tour relaxed along the mystical, moss-covered bayous? Observe spectacular natural world seen nowhere else in the nation? Well, you can, by considering one of the numerous swamp and wildlife excursions available from seasoned ship captains in the water-rich locations around New Orleans.

Nearly all the swamp tours offer transfers back and forth from the departure spots in climate controlled vans.

  • Airboat Adventures Swamp Tours

145 Fleming Park Road, Lafitte, Louisiana 70067, Phone: +1 888-467-9267
Offers individual Swamp Tours throughout the South Louisiana Bayous and Swamps. The company is located less than Half an hour from the French Quarter and open 7 days a week.
The Airboat Swamp Tours are around 1hr 45min – 2hr long during which you’ll have the opportunity to see alligators, snakes, turtles, egrets, herons, and ibis. Sometimes you can see hawks, owls and bald eagles, white-tailed deer, nutria, raccoons, though they become mostly nocturnal in the heat of the summer months. It’s fast! It’s fun! Pickup and drop-off to all hotels located in downtown New Orleans are offered, just call the company. The company has numerous airboats on site and can accommodate any size of party. For smaller parties, there are 6 to 8 passenger airboats and for larger parties, they have 5 to 27 passenger airboats.

  •  Jean Lafitte Swamp & Airboat Tours

6601 Leo Kerner Lafitte Parkway, Marrero, LA 70072, Phone +1 504-689-4186
Situated only twenty-five minutes from New Orleans in the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve, Jean Lafitte Swamp and Airboat Tours examine Louisiana’s back country alongside its winding bayous loaded with wildlife and exotic plant life. Skilled navigators carry you into the murky waters of Louisiana swamps where you will come face to face with the beauty and beasts of the region’s nature. Bring in your camera to record the thrills and chills of this remarkable swampland experience.

  • Louisiana Your Company

9706 Barataria Boulevard, Marrero, LA 70072, Phone: +1 888-30swamp
See the Cajuns of the Bayou residing and surviving in harmony with the swamps. Here, the waterways are their highways. From the comfortable ease of covered Swamp Tour Boats, you will drift slowly past a 2000-year-old Indian Burial Mound, a Cajun cemetery, and Fishing village. You may well observe the wildlife that made the Barataria Swamps the Crown Jewel of the Louisiana Purchase. Here, birds, snakes, turtles, fur animals, and Gators are the king of the swamp and easily spotted in Spring, Summer, and Fall. These tours are entertaining, educational and exciting. They offer you a relaxing look at these beautiful swamps.

  • Munson’s Swamp Tours

979 Bull Run Road, Schriever, LA 70395, Phone: +1 985-851-3569
Check out the hidden knowledge of the New Orleans bayous in close proximity and personalized with Munson’s Swamp Tours. These tours are offered on pontoon vessels and lead into exclusive zones where the public never is allowed in, unless participating in a Munson tour. You will be able to see wildlife at its most natural. Munson Swamp Tours is located off of Bull Run Road, about 40 miles from New Orleans.

  • Cajun Pride Swamp Tours

110 Frenier Road, LaPlace, LA 70068, Phone: +1 985-651-4477
Discover Cajun Pride’s privately operated wildlife haven from aboard a pontoon boat located in the renowned Manchac Swamp. Your tour guide will not just emphasize much of the nearby wildlife in the refuge, but also provide you with background information on the historical happenings that have resulted in the creation of the Louisiana as we see today.

  • Westwego Ultimate Swamp Adventures

8 Woodpecker Court, Mandeville, LA 70448, Phone: +1 504-566-1290
Guided by Louisiana natives, Westwego Swamp Adventures offers authentic Louisiana swamp tours. These excursions are guided by Louisiana natives, and the entertaining tour provides the historical past of the region, in addition to the ecological challenges that are threatening the swamps of the Mississippi River. The tours carry on for almost four hours and include a motor coach cruise over the Mississippi River and into the swamp.

  •  Honey Island Swamp Tours

41490 Crawford Landing Road, Slidell, LA 70461, Phone: +1 985-641-1769
This swamp tour takes you into a practically pristine and untouched area. The Honey Island Swamp Tour will take you through 250 square miles of typical Louisiana swamp. Alligators will really approach the vessel if offered marshmallows as a treat. The company provides transportation to and from New Orleans hotels.