One Week in Tuscany, How to Get the Most Out of It

Tuscany, a place to relax and unwind. Join me as I share how to get the most out of your stay in Italy. This destination is a frequented topic in our Travel News section. Stay connected with me and give me some comments below. Enjoy!

There is a region in central Italy that attracts millions of visitors from all over the world each year. Its luxuriant hills covered with olive groves and vineyards, thick oak woods and combed by the hard work of farmers can be seen on pictures, paintings, and wine bottle labels worldwide.

I am talking about Tuscany, of course, where you will also find plenty of culture, relaxation, joy of life and great food. Florence alone attracts a great many of all those that set foot in Tuscany each year. The cradle of Renaissance, as the city is often called, is a must-see during your tour of the region…or is it?

As I often find myself giving out advice to those renting a villa in Tuscany for a weekly stay on what to do during their holidays, I want to share a couple of those tips with you.

How can I see all that counts in Tuscany?

It seems that one of the major concerns, especially for first-time visitors, is not to miss anything that “counts” in Tuscany. My advice is: relax and experiment. Although you have probably heard a lot about cities such as Florence, Siena, Pisa and its leaning tower from your friends, no one says you have to follow their steps.

Guidebooks and TV reports tend to always focus on the main spots just because it is easier for them to capitalize on the already established name of such places. However, this is your holiday, and you have to craft it the way you like it. You will be able to return from your trip and give a totally different account on Tuscany than your friends do, describing places that are rarely seen or talked about, yet splendid and unique.

The mountains, the seaside, the islands, small towns with no more than hundred inhabitants or remote villas resting in silent pine forests by the beach are all splendid alternatives to the tried and tired route. Moreover, letting out something to see is the best reason to go back again.

Should I go for a hotel or a self-catered property?

Self-catering properties in Tuscany are the perfect way to feel at home away from home. You can enjoy large spaces, yet preserve a great deal of privacy for each member of the family or group of friends. Moreover, the price per person is quite inexpensive if compared to catered properties such as hotels and bed and breakfasts. On the other hand, the latter relieve you from all kinds of daily chores that usually occupy a great deal of your time.

The answer to this question ties with the above one. It really depends on what kind of holiday you are looking for. If you are one of the get-up-early-and-see-it-all travelers, hotels are definitely your choice. However, Tuscany is much more than just seeing things. It should be experienced. That is why a tad of adventure and unplanned happenings add that nice zest to your holiday.

Choosing to wake up whenever you feel like it, take a swim in your private pool and leave at the last minute whether to doze off in the sun the entire afternoon or go for a day trip to a nearby town will give you a great peace of mind. Additionally, you are in Tuscany for a short rental only, and usually, one weekly cleaning and linen change is done for you.

I hope these tips will help you make the most of your coming holiday to Tuscany the trip of your life and discover a new place on Earth where to come back again and again.