Recreational Vehicles – History

Recreational Vehicles, RVs for short, go back over 100 years ago and have come a long way since the first ones were being built in 1910. Charles Kellogg built his own model in 1914 and made it out of a single redwood tree. It then won the name “The Travel Log,” and was Kellog’s way of traveling around the country telling people about the beautiful redwood trees of California.

Before the RV came along people had to camp in private rail cars that were pulled alongside train routes. People didn’t want to be limited to the rail system, so the RV allowed them to go where they wanted, whenever they wanted! A few of the Early RVs had a bathroom on board, while others didn’t, and the nearest tree or bush was used as a bathroom. All of the RVs had a place to eat and sleep, and was a nice way to vacation and still have the comforts of home.

Pierce-Arrow was one of the many companies that were producing motorized RVs in 1910. Some of the companies had to be started in the backyards or in the garages of people who had a dream to get others mobilized. During WWII several manufacturers built travel trailers to house and transport troops and defense workers. Then after the war, RVs were a recreational activity for growing, prosperous post-war families.

During the Great Depression, the Travel Trailers were being used as permanent housing for families. When first starting out, the RVs didn’t have all the accommodations that we have now, but they helped a lot of families get through tough times, and now the U.S. produces 98% of all RVs and has approximately 470 manufacturers.

RVs that are being made today have a bathroom on board as well as things like TVs and nice kitchens. They are still a great way to travel around and take the comforts of home with you. Many people adapt RVing as a new lifestyle (for those who are not tied down by 9 to 5) such as snowbirds and the retired communities. For those families who love to vacation on the road, here is your answer!

RVing With Pets

Many families have pets and want to take them along when they travel. The ability to be able to bring along your furry friend is what entices many people to choose RV Travel of many other types of travel. You get all the comforts of home while getting to see somewhere new without running the risk that your wallets will get emptied like when you go on a cruise…

Around 75% of all RVers bring some sort of pet along with them on their trips to one of our nation’s great National Parks. Whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, or any other type of animal, you want to be well prepared before you start your trip.  Make sure the pet you have is suited for traveling. While some dogs can’t wait for a ride along in the car with you, others may hate it or be terrified. So its always a good idea to make sure your pet is comfortable with traveling. Just remember to take your time and prepare your pet if they are not used to traveling.

Another thing you will want to consider, mostly with dogs, is that they are well trained so that they can obey your commands and not be a danger to themselves or others in the vehicle. Another thing you will want to consider is where your pets will be able to relieve themselves. Not as big a problem with cats and birds so much as with dogs. Make sure you allow your dog ample time to take care of business before you leave and whenever you stop. Also be aware of how long your companion is able to hold going. Get to know your pets’ routines so you won’t have any mishaps. See also this post about Discovering New Zeeland. A great way to explore that country is by renting an RV.

Make sure you bring plenty of food and water for them, and something a lot of people don’t think about first aid for their pet. Being out and about can create situations that would not normally happen and home, and you want to be prepared for this. Make a plan and look into any pet hospitals that may be available in the area you plan to visit. If you take the time to plan for your pet, you will keep them safe and happy. If you do, then RVing With Pets can be a blast!