RVing As A Main Way To Travel

The last few weeks, I’ve been very busy with working and traveling so It’s been a while that you could find any new posts here. I think I haven’t been blogging since our last trip to Utah as we visited the fair and enjoyed some wonderful skiing out there. But now it’s back to explaining the benefits of RVing.

When planning an exciting trip for some adventure and time away from the stressful workdays, seriously consider renting or buying an RV as the main way to travel. Thus, traveling in an RV is called RVing. While RVing, you have combined freedom of the open road with the luxuries of home.

On the open road, there are plenty of places to stop for the night and hook up your RV. Some places even offer swimming pools, hot tubs, and other recreational activities such as tennis and volleyball.

RVs allow you to unpack your belongings and put things away instead of living out of a suitcase for the whole trip. Instead of going out to eat for every meal you have the option of cooking a good homemade meal right out of your RV kitchen.

When traveling at your own pace on the road you can stop off and see different sites along the way. Traveling In An RV is different than just staying in one city at a hotel.  You have the option of coming and going with ease and can choose to stay as long as you want in one place, or take off and go again. A few months back we spent a few days in Utah for business and some great skiing (“The Greatest Snow On Earth, they say”) and we’re thinking about taking our RV again there now summer is in the air again.

When you own or rent an RV you know it’s cleaner than any hotel room. You can even take your pets along for the trip without paying extra for them or worrying that they will disturb the people in the next room. There are ample benefits when Traveling In An RV. Maybe next time you travel you will consider using one! It is a wise family investment.

A family vacation, and then preferably in your own motor home, is maybe one of your favorite events that must be held at least once every year. If you don’t want to spend much money (like folks going on a cruise, for example), though, during your family trips, camping or renting an RV may be a great idea to save some money. Maybe not all your family members will enjoy camping in your RV, but the main goal, a scenic natural setting for a peaceful retreat such as you can find in America’s National Parks, will make them all happy!

New, Hybrid RVs

Even though fuel prices are rising, many families still want to be able to take road trips, see the sights and go camping. It’s actually becoming more and more popular. It gets harder and harder to do with fuel prices climbing and the amount of fuel an RV takes to get you there. While there are many choices out there for smaller autos with the hybrid option, there hasn’t been a big jump to larger vehicles. The size of the vehicle is what has kept progress slow and if you want to learn more about the history of Recreational Vehicles, check out this post.

The RV Industry is now on the cutting technology to explore advanced hybrid systems on motorhomes. They use a full hybrid system with two independent power systems working together to power the RV. The system will use diesel power in conjunction with electric motors.  So vehicles will offer brake assist systems that will use the electric motors to create and store energy.

The advantages besides saving fuel will also include reduced noise and maintenance; reduced emissions; and improved acceleration. Just like in the cars you see every day, the RVs will be offered with everything that you would get with a regular RV with less operating cost and a way to see the sights and go green.

There are many ways that RVs can teach earth friendly lessons to us, like reducing energy consumption standard home energy use, being able to visit natural wonders, and getting away from the congestion of cities. Look for more and more RV manufacturers that start to offer this new technology on their motorhome lines. Well, that’s it for this time. I hope I’ll have more time soon to tell you more about RVing. Cheers!