RVing As A Retiring Couple

RVing and Retirement go hand in hand for many couples! When you and your spouse hit the retiring mark in life, why not consider investing in an RV to retire in? This would give you great freedom to travel around to different places that you have always wanted to see, and you would still have the comforts of home right along with you. Plus you can decide where to go and how long to stay.

RVing has changed significantly over the years, and it seems like they get nicer and more modern every year. Prices and styles depend on how new the RV is and if it’s used or new. Most Modern RVs come with a flat-screen TV, walk-in shower, a modern kitchen, and equipment, as well as extra storage compartments underneath the RV.

They even have awnings on the outside, which can be perfect to set up lawn chairs and even a table under, for added outdoor comfort. You can even purchase a screen to close it in and keep it bug-free! ¬†You can hook your car up to the back of the RV and take it right along if you feel like leaving the “house in the lot.” This makes it easier when you want to stop and site see without having to drive the RV around to different places.

There are state parks to see as well as beaches and lakes to swim. Each city offers places to stop; some aren’t very expensive and offer other recreational activities to get you out of the RV. Some people decide to travel around a while and then settle down somewhere; while others decide to travel for the rest of their lives. It’s all up to you and your RVing preference!

Living In An RV

Fulltime RVers don’t have what we call a traditional home, which is sometimes referred to as a “stick house.” The RV is the only place where they can call home. The RV then is like a shell is to a turtle; it goes where ever they go. They are able to have all of their possessions with them as if they would in a traditional home. They can even tow their car along with them!

This type of lifestyle is just like any other. There is still room for chatting and hanging out with other community RVers. The only difference is that some of their conversations consist of plumbing and electrical matters with the RVs.

RVing makes it possible to visit family and friends that are scattered around the country. Did you know that there was a thing called RV internet access? It is what most full-time RVers and non-fulltime RVers use to stay connected. This is a great alternative for full-timers because they don’t have a mailing address.

When living in an RV, you have to budget your money for every day on the road living expenses. Unlike the traditional house, the RV depreciates. There be times when less traveling is needed to save money. Full-timers sometimes have to consider the road jobs to earn extra cash. As you can see, the RV Lifestyle isn’t really that different. It serves as a room and board, you can prepare food, and bills still have to be paid. RVing full-time is a luxury because you don’t have to worry about packing and unpacking.